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The Anatomy Of A Tooth Thumbnail

The Anatomy Of A Tooth

TEETH ARE A LOT more complicated than they might seem from the outside, which is why we’re using this post to...

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Preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Thumbnail

Preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

SOMETIMES, BEDTIME CAN BE a real struggle, and a bottle might seem like an easy solution. Unfortunately, putting a...

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Congenitally Missing Teeth Thumbnail

Congenitally Missing Teeth

IT’S ONE THING TO lose a tooth, whether through poor oral hygiene, accident, or oral surgery. A tooth not growing...

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Your Pet’s Dental Health Thumbnail

Your Pet’s Dental Health

YOU MIGHT BE TEMPTED to think that because wild animals can’t do much for their dental hygiene, pets like dogs and cats...

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Is Your Frenulum Holding You Back? Thumbnail

Is Your Frenulum Holding You Back?

YOU’VE HEARD OF being tongue-tied, but what about lip-tied? Both are actually legitimate medical conditions, and the culprits are...

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Childhood Tooth Injuries Thumbnail

Childhood Tooth Injuries

WHEN WE PICTURE the ideal childhood, we usually think of children playing on playgrounds and exploring nature with...

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